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ASU Career Services is committed to your future.

ASU offers a wide assortment of career services to meet your needs. Some students need coaching on how choice of major could impact a career. Others need more specific guidance like how to prepare for an interview or job fair. ASU Career Services is dedicated to the career development of ASU students and alumni.

ASU-USA Pathways students can contact the career centers within each school by clicking on the links below:


Academic Services

There are several levels of academic service available to ASU-USA International Pathways students. You are welcome to utilize more than one service.

  • One-on-one academic advising - Academic advisors offer assistance to ASU-USA Pathways students in the course selection process. Guidance continues during the program and as students transition into the appropriate degree program at ASU or into another U.S. university.
  • Tailored academic classes - Tailored academic support classes are linked to the academic courses that ASU-USA Pathways students take.
  • The Writing Center - The writing center offers one-on-one writing assistance. If it is more convenient, you can be assisted online. For more information: Writing Center resources
  • One-on-one tutoring - One-on-one tutoring is offered through University Academic Success Programs Services on any campus.


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Your time is important. Invest it in a pathways program that counts toward your degree at ASU or any other U.S. university. 

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