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How much does ASU-USA Pathways cost?

3-term Pathway

Degree track (fall or spring start)TuitionHealth insuranceTotal
Global Management / Arts & Sciences$37,016.43$2,230.92*$39,247.35

1-term Pathway

TermTuitionHealth InsuranceTotal
Fall 2019$15,600$869.08$16,469.08
Spring 2020 (Global Management, Arts & Sciences)$14,300$1,361.92*$15,664.92
Spring 2020 (Business)$15,600$1,361.92*$16,961.92

The tuition costs of the ASU-USA Pathways and degree programs for the 2018-2019 school year, are detailed below. Please note that all costs are subject to change (without notice) and vary by degree program:

* Summer insurance is included in the Spring cost.
• Students should be prepared to purchase books and materials (estimated $500 per semester).
• Students are advised to bring extra spending money for incidentals and personal expenses (estimated $1,000 per person).


Upon acceptance into the ASU-USA Pathways program, an $888 deposit must be submitted to guarantee your enrollment and housing. Fees and tuition may be paid by wire transfer or by credit card. 

Housing Costs

Visit our housing and dining page for more information.

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