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What is the ASU-USA Pathways program?

The ASU-USA Pathways program is for university-bound international students who want to begin their undergraduate degree program right away, but lack the required English language proficiency scores needed for full ASU admission. The program combines academic coursework with customized, real-time English language and academic skills training in your degree track of choice. This program is also designed to keep you on track to complete your undergraduate degree in four years. 

How does it work?

The ASU-USA Pathways program is offered in 1 or 3-terms, with degree tracks in Business, Global Management and Arts and Sciences. To determine your eligibility for either term, please review our admission requirements.

During your time in the ASU-USA Pathway program, you will begin your freshman year for-credit courses (first year) in your degree program of choice, along with ASU-USA Pathway non-credit support classes to help you improve your English and academic performace at the university-level.

After you successfully complete the ASU-USA Pathways Program*, you will progress into degree study at Arizona State University in the sophomore level (second year)**. You can also transfer your academic credits earned in ASU-USA Pathways to any other U.S. university, provided that your credits meet their admission standards. 



*Progression requirements vary by term and degree track.
**3-term pathway only. When you complete the 1-term pathway, you will receive full admission to ASU or any other U.S. university to complete your freshman year (first year).


What are the admission requirements for ASU-USA Pathways?

Admissions requriements vary by your chosen degree track and term. To view the admission requirements for each degree track, click here.

English proficiency

The ASU-USA Pathways program offers conditional admission to applicants who meet the academic requirements to be admitted to the ASU-USA Pathways program, but do not have the required English language test score. These students are eligible to attend the Global Launch intensive English program to fulfill this English language requirement. To learn more, click here.

Your pathway to the future

Your time is important. Invest it in a pathways program that counts toward your degree at ASU or any other U.S. university. 

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